National Front to Stage Demonstration Outside London Mosque

July 16, 2005

Source: The Scotsman

On July 16, 2005 The Scotsman reported, "The National Front will stage a march in central London this afternoon amid growing fears that Britain's Muslim community could increasingly be at risk from reprisal attacks, despite high-profile appeals by police and community leaders.

Several hundred supporters of the National Front will march along Victoria embankment and through Parliament Square before heading on to the East London Mosque, to stage a demonstration outside the building. The route will not pass any of the bomb scenes and the Metropolitan Police are satisfied they can contain any public-order incidents.

A National Front spokesman told The Scotsman that the event, arranged shortly after the 7 July bombings, was 'designed to show our solidarity with the people who died and our disgust at the attacks'... Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police and officers in the Football Intelligence Unit were yesterday studying websites run by far-right groups for any signs that violence against Muslims and their property was being orchestrated."