National Council of Churches (U.S.) Urges End to Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan

May 19, 2004


On May 19, 2004 posted a press release from the National Council of Churches (U.S.) that reported, "Urgent intervention to stop the killing in Sudan was the call of the National Council of Churches USA Executive Board in a resolution adopted unanimously today during its spring meeting here May 17-18. The Board committed the NCC and its member churches 'to intensifying their efforts' to stop the apparent attempt at ethnic cleansing in Darfur, western Sudan, that already has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced a million people, and that risks deepening to genocide. It condemned the involvement of all parties perpetrating genocide in the Sudan and called upon the government of Sudan to bring an end to this practice immediately, including stopping attacks by its military and proxy militia against civilians in Darfur. And it called on the U.S. government 'to continue to press the Sudanese government to bring to a halt this unfolding horror and to support appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian, conflict resolution and peace enforcement efforts by the United Nations to these ends.' Today's resolution also called upon the international community and non-governmental organizations to investigate and monitor reports of crimes against humanity being committed in Sudan."