National Council of Churches Summit Issues Multifaith Principles Toward Peace

April 30, 2003

Source: National Council of Churches

On April 30, 2003 National Council of Churches reported that "as President Bush prepared his Thursday evening address to announce 'the end of the Iraq war,' more than 75 Muslim, Christian, Jewish and other faith leaders from across the United States converged on Chicago to issue a set of principles to lead toward a peaceful future. The summit addressed the humanitarian, spiritual and civil costs of war and its ramifications here at home... The religious leaders also called on all people of faith to make this a time of deliberate reflection and to gather in town meetings, teach-ins and other community forums 'to explore what kind of society we seek to become.' In a second document, titled 'Words of Reflection,' they called for a national day of prayer and reflection, with a special emphasis on interfaith gatherings. 'We further call on the President to distance himself from religious leaders who demonize the faith of others,' they said, and urged Americans not to forget 'the continuing suffering of the Iraqi people, which demands large-scale international humanitarian relief.'"