National Council of Churches Joint Statement on War in Iraq

March 24, 2003

Source: National Council of Churches

On March 24, 2003 the National Council of Churches issued a joint statement with Secretary Generals of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Islamic Society of North America. It stated, "we are deeply saddened that military action against Iraq has begun. We pray now for a quick conclusion to this war, for the loss of as few lives as possible, and for peace. In the darkness of war, let us be guided by faith and hope, and continue to act as responsible citizens and peace-builders... We pray for the people of Iraq, and grieve for those who may now bear more tragedy in addition to the severe hardships and loss of loved ones suffered over the last twelve years. We pray as well for all those serving in the armed forces, that they may return home to their families safely and soon... We pray for the leaders of our nation, and of the international community, that they may be guided by God to uphold peace, and allow God’s mercy to influence their policies and actions... We will provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by this war, whether refugees fleeing combat, or those displaced or in need within Iraq. That we do this is not in any way an acquiescence to, or affirmation of this war, which we continue to view as an unjustified, unwise and pre-emptive rather than necessary course of action. We provide humanitarian aid as an expression of our shared commitment to all God’s people."