National Christian Council Concerned Over Increased Violence Toward Christians

January 31, 2004

Source: Daily News

On January 31, 2004 the Daily News reported on statement released by the National Christian Council in Sri Lanka on the violence against Christians in that country. The statement read, "The National Christian Council is gravely concerned over the continuous stirring up of resentment against Christians and the increasing incidence of unchecked violence directed at Christian places of worship. It is obvious from the pattern of these attacks that they are well-planned and co-ordinated and are meant to intimidate Christians and provoke undesirable religious strife in the country...We are mindful that all Sri Lankans of goodwill wish to see this country as a place where people of different ethnicity, languages, religions and ideologies are respected and treated equally, feel safe and live together with mutual tolerance. We are also concerned that Sri Lanka must remain the country reputed for religious tolerance and diversity. The State and Police in particular, have a primary role to play in this regard. Any further delay in doing so could communicate a serious basis against a minority religion."