Nation of Islam Appoints Woman to Lead Group's Southern Region

October 16, 1999

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On October 16, 1999, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that Ava Muhammad has been appointed by Louis Farrakhan to lead the Nation of Islam's Southern region. "Farrakhan's appointment not only defied 1,400 years of Muslim custom - traditional Muslims do not allow women to lead mean in a mosque - but it offered graphic evidence that the Nation is moving away from its pit bull approach to race and religion." Muhammad, an attorney who has formed alliances with Black clergy and still insists that she's a Christian, professes inclusive beliefs: "We're all one...It is the ego in us that assigns labels and names and creates divisions. We can never say that because you're Jewish, because you're Christian, because you're Muslim, you're not going to heaven and you're not right." The changes taking place within the Nation of Islam are also marked by plans for a Million Family March in Washington next October that will be open to all races.

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