"My Prayers for the 'Mayor's' Prayer Breakfast," a Commentary by Diana Sevanian

May 22, 2007

Author: Diana Sevanian

Source: The Signal


The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was fashioned after the National Prayer Breakfast, which was first held by President Eisenhower in 1953. The original purpose of the event was to bring people of all backgrounds together for personal reflection and rededication to God, as well as to celebrate the spiritual heritage of America.

Since its Santa Clarita Valley debut in 2005, the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast has left a bad taste in many a community member's mouth.

There are several reasons for their unpalatable response.

Many feel that the event, hosted by the Dunamis Group - a local organization of Christian businessmen who promote the creation of a strong local Christian business presence - is geared toward advancing Christianity and Christian business relationships, rather than being an inclusive gathering for Americans of all faiths.