Muslims in Triad Hope for Islamic Cemetery

July 4, 2005

Source: Winston-Salem Journal!localnews!localgov&s=1037645509123

On July 4, 2005 the reported, "The association is asking the city to rezone 2.2 acres in southern Winston-Salem for a cemetery that has the capacity for 330 graves. The land is on the north side of Salem Crest Lane and south of Interstate 40. Islam, like other religions, has specific rituals for burying the dead. For example, a body must be washed and then wrapped in a funeral shroud. The body is not buried in a coffin or casket, and it is placed on its side to face Mecca, said Abdul Majid, the vice president and project director for the Pakistani Islamic Association of North Carolina... The City-County Planning Board is scheduled to consider the rezoning request July 14. It will make a recommendation to the Winston-Salem City Council, which has final authority on the rezoning."

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