Muslims Targets of Backlash in Workplace

September 14, 2001


On September 14, 2001, USA TODAY reported that the backlash against Muslims and others is extending to the workplace. In the wake of numerous incidents, some companies have taken a proactive position. "PolyOne, a specialty chemical company based in Cleveland, sent out a message from its CEO to all employees about efforts to provide support and help. '(The search for suspects) may lead to very angry feelings and calls for retribution, perhaps against particular ethnic groups,' the message read. 'Do not blame the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. Nothing else is acceptable, now or ever.'" The article also noted that, "The workplace has been grappling with issues related to increasing diversity for some time, and experts say events such as Tuesday's attack can be a flashpoint for conflict. Religious discrimination complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have already jumped nearly 40% to 1,939 last fiscal year from 1,388 in 1992."