Muslims Provide Food, Clothing and Health Screenings at Annual Humanitarian Day

September 30, 2007

Author: Bradley Olson

Source: The Baltimore Sun,0,618611.story

Mallory Terry, who lives on a Northwest Baltimore block in Upton where half the rowhouses are vacant, wasn't expecting to see a throng of people collecting food and clothing outside the Ul-Haqq mosque when she took her two sons for a walk yesterday.

After pausing briefly to ask if the bonanza was open to anyone, she collected apples, water, soda, spaghetti, corn and two bags of clothes, blankets and toiletries. Then she graciously thanked several volunteers.

Terry, 23, said she isn't in dire straits, but as a mother of two young sons, she takes all the help she can get.

"We need more things like this to help the community," she said, before calling out for her 4-year-old son Josiah to return to her side. "A lot of people around here don't have enough to buy food and can't get enough to eat."

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