Muslims Point to Media, Police as Fostering "Islamaphobia"

April 20, 2004

Source: MSNBC

On April 20, 2004 MSNBC reported, "British Muslims say that al-Qaida and other militant groups do not speak for their faith because violence is rejected in Islam. But, no matter how fiercely imams and community leaders condemn acts of terrorism, they feel that much of society now views all adherents of the religion as suicide bombers in-waiting. 'I personally feel really victimized,' said Faruq, 30. Recalling the recent kidnapping of a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Ilford, northeast London, whose abductor carved a cross into her hand, the father of three young children said, 'I often feel full of fear when walking around with my kids.' Britain has been on a heightened state of alert for terrorist attacks over the past couple of months...Muslim groups argue that the culture of fear, fostered in their view by the government and British media, has resulted in widespread 'Islamaphobia.' Stop Police Terror, a grass-roots organization, alleges that in addition to attacks from the wider public, British Muslims have suffered physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the police who are supposed to protect them."