Muslims Pervasive Among All of Britain's Ethnic Groups

April 7, 2007

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

Muslims are pervasive among all of Britain's ethnic groups and represent more than half of all non-Christian believers, according to a new fact-file.

The fact-file, based on an analysis of the UK's last census in 2001, showed that 52 percent of non-Christian believers were Muslim, compared with 18 percent Hindus, 11 percent Sikhs, nine per cent Jews and 5 percent Buddhists.

Muslims were also shown to be present among all ethnic groups, unlike Hindus and Sikhs who are overwhelmingly from Asian groups, Jews who are mainly categorized in White groups and Buddhists from Chinese groups.

The 2001 census recorded that 72 percent of the UK's 57 million population at the time said they were Christian, nearly three percent were Muslim, just under one percent Hindu, less than 0.6 per cent Sikh, under 0.5 percent Jews and over .02 percent Buddhists.