Muslims Parade in NYC, Face Protestors

September 10, 2007


Source: Newsday,0,6017954.story

Thousands of Muslims from across the New York region marched down Madison Avenue in Manhattan Sunday, waving flags and flashing peace signs to protesters.

The 22nd annual United American Muslim Day parade was a peaceful affair on a warm, bright day that drew hundreds of beaming children. Though few people gathered on the sidewalk to watch the parade, the street was filled with proud participants.

A small but vocal contingent of hecklers taunted marchers at 41st Street, though police officers kept both groups apart.

Many of the marchers said they came to celebrate their faith and to reject the use of violence to resolve conflict.

"I love America, but America needs to understand that we are not the enemy," said Abubakr Al-Mujahid, of Bedford-Stuyvesant, before the parade began.

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