Muslims Organizing to Establish First Muslim Cable TV Channel

August 31, 2003

Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)

On August 31, 2003 the Contra Costa Times reported on a New York couple who are trying to start America's first Muslim cable television station. "They [Muzzammil and Assiya Hassan] have enlisted hundreds of mosques around the country, including many in the Bay Area, to spread the word and help get Bridges TV into living rooms by next summer. The idea came to Hassan's wife, Assiya Hassan, in November 2001 as the couple were driving in their current home state of New York, listening to a commercial talk-radio station, the Bridges TV CEO said. 'She became upset that the host and the callers were turning negative toward Muslims, and she felt there was a need for American Muslims to create their own programs and show themselves both as Americans and as Muslims,' Hassan said. 'We want to help build bridges of understanding between American Muslims and non-Muslims.'"