Muslims to Observe Ramadan With Fasting, Charitable Works

August 19, 2009

Author: Oralandar Brand-Williams

Source: The Detroit News

For Linda El-Amin, the Islamic religious observance of Ramadan is about more than what she can't do: It is also a time of reflection and renewal.

"I see Ramadan as a time to refresh spiritually and become closer to God," said El-Amin, 56.

Ramadan begins Friday for the Mount Clemens resident and Muslims in Metro Detroit and around the world. The monthlong observance is the holiest of religious holidays of Islam and is marked by abstinence and fasting from sunrise to sundown, as well as charitable giving.

Last week, El-Amin made sure her home was stocked with juice, fruits and vegetables. She also began making a mental note of the charitable works she plans.