Muslims in Las Vegas: Maintaining the Holy Life in Sin City

August 1, 2004

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,747563.story?coll=la-news-religion

On August 1, 2004 the Los Angeles Times reported, "There are about 10,000 Muslims in Las Vegas, and they come from all over. In the mosques on any Friday, one can find well-to-do doctors from the Indian subcontinent, barrel-chested circus tumblers from Tangier, cabdrivers from Compton, war widows from Kabul... Las Vegas, population 933,000, is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, and Muslims are attracted to it by the same amenities that draw all newcomers: economic opportunity, relatively inexpensive real estate, a tolerable � in certain seasons even spectacular � desert climate... Muslims who live here will insist � as do Mormons, Catholics, Baptists, Jews, agnostics and all the rest � that they can exist almost completely apart from the Las Vegas of gambling and long-legged entertainment and its ever-present shadow population of 250,000 tourists and conventioneers.... Still, for some Muslims, the parallel cities, by necessity, do overlap."