Muslims Find New Opportunities for Donations

November 15, 2004

Source: The New York Times

On November 15, 2004 The New York Times reported, "the crackdown on Islamic charities since Sept. 11 has led to a shift in giving by Muslims in America: far more of their donations are going close to home, instead of overseas. Groups that have become vocal advocates for Muslim civil liberties have seen big increases, but the change has been felt by smaller groups as well... The Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group based in Washington, has nearly doubled its annual budget since 2001, to about $3 million � and that is just for the Washington office, said Nihad Awad, the council's executive director. The group's branch offices have also increased, to 29 in 2004 from nine in 2001, and each office raises money for its own budget, he said."