Muslims Face Continuing Interrogation by FBI

September 17, 2003

Source: WBAY Action 2 News

On September 17, 2003 WBAY Action 2 News reported "imagine you're in your office when federal agents walk in unannounced to ask you questions-- in front of everyone you work with. Or they show up at your house. That's what some Muslim families have dealt with in recent weeks. They say there is no need for the questioning, and the Islamic Society wants to do something about it. Local Muslims gathered Friday for the Azaan, the call to prayer. They are calling for fairness when the government questions them. Salman Aziz of the Fox Valley Islamic Society described one family's recent visit�by the FBI...The�Islamic Society planned a meeting with the FBI to let the agency know�they're willing to help but that they expect to be treated fairly.' Aziz said, ''The FBI guy said it makes sense to interrogate the Muslims, and we said, 'I don't think so.' That meeting is Saturday, September 20, at the Fox Valley Islamic Center. The FBI regional director will be there."