Muslims Criticize Film Advertisement in U.S. Newspapers

September 16, 2008

Author: David Harris

Source: Religion News Service

A movie being distributed as an advertising insert in more than 70 newspapers nationwide is drawing protests from Muslim groups who call it an attempt to stir up hate.

The movie, "Obsession: Radical Islam's War on the West," argues that radical Islam is the greatest threat to American society and that 10 to 15 percent of the world's more than 1 billion Muslims are "radical."

"There's no other goal to it other than that these people hate Muslims," said Abdelmajid Jondy, president of the Flint Islamic Center. The filmmakers "want to make everybody hate the Muslims."

The film was made by the New York non-profit organization Clarion Fund, which was formed in 2006 to address threats to America's security, said Gregory Ross, director of communications.

The advertisement, which included a video of the movie, was disseminated in several competitive states in the upcoming presidential election, including Michigan, Ohio and Florida, according to the list of newspapers included in the ad.

Some have argued that the movie supports Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, who has a strong military background. Ross said the organization does not back a candidate, but said there was an "emphasis" on swing states.

"Whoever is president, we feel that this will be their greatest task," Ross said. "We want to make sure America is informed."