Muslims Celebrate End of Ramadan

December 28, 2000

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On December 28, 2000, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that "Muslims in Milwaukee and around the world celebrated...the end of Ramadan -- the Islamic month of fasting meant to teach discipline and self-restraint." They had been fasting during daylight hours for the past 30 days. One observer of the holiday said the fast "brings about a profound sense of accomplishment" and "should bring about more compassion for the plight of the poor." The end of Ramadan is celebrated "in a special 'Eid' prayer. 'Eid' is translated roughly as a ' rebirth' or 'return' in Arabic." Eid-ul-Fitr is the major feast that follows the month of fasting. Its participants join in festive gatherings: Prophet Muhammed "encouraged people to extend invitations to each other's homes as a way of fostering better social relations."