Muslims Celebrate the Art of Naat

May 30, 2004

Source: Pakistan Link

On May 30, 2004 Pakistan Link reported, "This San Francisco Bay Area city became a focal point of much spiritual activity for area Muslims when The Hamdani Brothers Foundation held their second annual “Naat Khwani” competition as a part of the ongoing community festivities associated with the birthday of the Prophet of Islam. The art of 'Naat' is often difficult to describe but in the South Asian Islamic tradition it is not unlike a hymn sung in local languages to express love and praise for the Prophet Muhammad, the man who brought the third of the monotheistic Abrahamic faiths to this world and founded a religion which currently has over 1 billion adherents -- Muslims....Over 600 people showed up to listen to the vocal and poetic skills of numerous presenters. Both men and women participated with tremendous enthusiasm as appreciation of Naats presented in the Urdu language dominated the proceedings. Arabic, and for the first time an English Naat, was heard with rapt attention."