Muslim Workshop on HIV/AIDS

July 9, 2004


We the participants at the International Pre-conference Muslim Workshop on HIV/Aids organized by Asian Muslim Action Network, Asian Resource Foundation and Thai Muslim Network held on 9 July 2004 at Chaleena Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, represented by the following countries: Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Australia, Palestine, Norway, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, UK, Kenya, South Africa, Laos, Egypt, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Pakistan came together with the following statement.

1. We recognize that HIV/Aids is not just a disease or epidemic.

2. We are calling for an Islamic approach based on the principles of Benevolence, Compassion, Justice and Wisdom identified with Allah’s attributes of Adil, Muhsin, Rahman and Hakim.

3. We recognize that youth and young people and women are most vulnerable and susceptible to the epidemic.

4. We acknowledge that there are many effective efforts and programs implemented in the Muslim world that require to be scaled-up, coordinated with resources and expertise shared.