Muslim Women Targets of Hate Crimes

September 13, 2001

Source: Newsday

On September 13, 2001, Newsday reported on a hate crime against a Muslim woman; "one of several on Long Island that authorities and victims attributed to a backlash of hatred generated by Tuesday's terrorist attacks." In the attack, a man tried to hit a Pakistani woman with his car. The suspect was reported to have "screamed that he was 'doing this for his country' and was 'going to kill her.'" The article noted that this was one of several reported "incidents of violence directed toward Middle Easterners, or those perceived to be Muslim." Further, the article reported, "Anti-Arab sentiments swelled so quickly that in many instances it didn't matter who the victim was. Amrik Singh, a Sikh who wears a turban, said four men chased him Tuesday as he fled lower Manhattan to return home."