Muslim Women and the Media

February 1, 2004

Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer

On February 1, 2004 The Philadelphia Enquirer published an editorial by Laila Al-Marayati on the portrayal of Muslim women in the media. She writes, "The struggle for freedom, democracy, and human rights in the Muslim world has long predated this administration's campaign for a 'tidal wave' of reform. Activists are struggling to enlighten others, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, about alternative interpretations of Islamic texts that emphasize egalitarianism, justice, and women's rights, arguments solidly grounded in a religious context. Scholars and grass-roots organizers stress Islamic principles that would prohibit, not endorse, egregious acts like female circumcision, honor killings, forced illiteracy of girls, exclusion of women from government, and more. Is exploring these nuances too complicated for mainstream media?"