Muslim Women’s Association Hosts White Plains Talk by Faith Club

June 7, 2007

Author: Gary Stern

Source: The Journal News

WHITE PLAINS - The Faith Club started small, uncertain, frightened.

Its three members - one Jew, one Christian, one Muslim - had shaky holds on their own faiths (and mostly apprehension about the other two).

But they were living in the post-9/11 world and pushed on, writing a book about their awkward and rewarding relationships - a flesh-and-blood example of what interfaith understanding means. They called the book "The Faith Club."

And now the club grows, town by town, city by city, as its three original members travel the country to talk about their lives and sign their books. Yesterday, they came to the YWCA in White Plains to address the Westchester-based American Muslim Women's Association, a group that also formed in the months after 9/11.