Muslim Woman Undertakes Construction of Hindu Temple in Varanasi

March 13, 2005

Source: New Kerala News

Wire Service: PTI

On March 13, 2005 the Press Trust of India reported, "Exhibiting steely resolve, a a devout Muslim woman has constructed a Lord Shiva temple in this Hindu pilgrimage city as 'ordained' by the God. 'The Lord appeared in my dreams late last year and asked me to undertake the project,' Noor Fatmi, a widow and a practising lawyer, said. 'Now my task has been accomplished, I can relax and be at peace with myself,' she said. The Redreshwar Mahadev temple in Gangeshpur locality was thrown open to faithfuls during Maha Shivrati last week. Recalling initial hiccups in undertaking the project, Fatima said she was thankful to Hindu religious leaders and locals, who chipped in with monetary contribution, for setting up of the temple in a record three-month."