Muslim Woman Resigns After Threats to Her Employer

March 3, 2005

Source: VOA News

On March 3, 2005 VOA News reported, "A Muslim woman who has been hailed in Belgium for standing up to racist threats has resigned from her job in a food processing plant after her employer received a new death threat.�

Naima Amzil is a young Moroccan-born Belgian citizen who speaks French and Flemish as well as her native Arabic.� She has worked for the past eight years at a factory in northwestern Belgium that produces packaged gourmet foods.

But Naima Amzil's life changed last November when her employer, Rik Remmery, began receiving a series of anonymous letters threatening him if he did not dismiss Ms. Amzil because she wears a headscarf.

One of the letters put a $340,000 price on Mr. Remmery's head and arrived with a bullet in the envelope.� Another contained a threat to burn down his factory.

Ms. Amzil offered to resign, but Mr. Remmery would hear nothing of it."