Muslim Woman Files Complaint Against McDonald's Over Head Covering

April 17, 2010

Author: Jerry Wolffe

Source: Daily Tribune

An Oakland County woman has filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charging she was discriminated against in hiring by McDonald’s restaurants because she refused to not wear a hijab, the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women.

“Outside of a quick resolution, we want McDonald’s to put in place certain safeguards that would impede anyone (from) being denied a job because of their religious attire,” Council on American-Islamic Relations-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid said Wednesday.

The woman who filed the complaint with the EEOC against the fast-food giant is 19 and a resident of Troy. “She was born and raised in America,” Walid added.

He said others besides Muslims could be victims of discrimination based on their religious attire, such as the Amish or Hasidic Jews.