Muslim Teen Reaches Out to California Youth

February 26, 2004

Source: Mercury News

On February 26, 2004 Mercury News reported, "Stephanie Ramirez, 16, with spiked hair, thick eyeliner and numerous body piercings, knows what people think when they pass her on the street: 'Trouble.' Naiema Din, 16, a Muslim who is makeup-free and wears a hijab along with her jean jacket and flip-flops, knows what people think when they see her: 'Oppressed.' Today, both San Jose girls will stand before 1,200 of their peers at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and ask them, just for a day, to forget about looks and think about change... The two veterans of Girls for a Change, a non-profit South Bay group challenging teen girls to identify problem issues in their lives -- and work to solve them -- will help the organization host its second summit, drawing girls from 50 Bay Area middle and high schools for a day of workshops, performances and inspirational speakers."

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