Muslim Sworn in on Boontown Planning Board Using a Qur’an

January 18, 2006

Source: Daily Record

On January 18, 2006 the Daily Record reported, "The three men stood at the front of the courtroom before the planning board attorney last week, their right hands raised in preparation to become the latest members of the town's planning board. Two of the men placed their left hands on the Bible to take their oaths and 'solemnly swear' before God. The third man, 49-year-old Tajammul 'Taj' Khokhar, placed his hand on his family's Qur'an and took an affirmation. Khokhar, a well-known Boonton resident who is also a Boonton Main Street trustee and an active member of the Jam e Masjid Islamic Center, may well have made town history in that moment. Although other Boonton Muslims have served on various boards, including the Housing Authority and the Library Board, the Pakistan-born American is the only Muslim in anyone's memory to serve on the town's planning board, let alone use a Qur'an in lieu of a Bible during the ceremony."