Muslim Students' Association at UW Raises Quake Aid and Awareness

October 19, 2005

Source: The Badger Herald

On October 19, 2005 The Badger Herald reported, "University of Wisconsin students and members of the Muslim Students’ Association congregated in the Humanities building Tuesday to raise aid and awareness for victims of the catastrophic earthquake that struck near Pakistan’s capitol, Islamabad, less than two weeks ago.

While many efforts have been initiated to help those affected by the quake, so far total relief for the area has been minimal in comparison to funds raised for Hurricane Katrina and Southeast Asia tsunami victims.

According to MSA, the American Red Cross has reported only $45,000 has been raised toward Pakistani relief in comparison to the $1.3 billion raised for the Southeast Asia tsunami and the $1.7 billion for Hurricane Katrina.

However, other organizations such as Islamic Relief are bringing millions of dollars in aid, material donations � including tents and food � and volunteer efforts to the area, but members said more efforts must be organized to adequately fulfill the need required for victims there."