Muslim Student Wins Student Press Freedom Award

May 24, 2004

Source: Muslim Wakeup!

On May 24, 2004 Muslim Wakeup! reported that "on May 15th American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation of Oregon, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications and the Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists presented the 2004 Student Press Freedom Award (first prize) to Nadia Sheikh for Courageous Journalism in support of Civil Liberties." In her essay, she notes: "I am suffering for the horrendous acts of a few terrorists representing a minority of Muslims. In a nation where more than 2 million Muslims reside, I ask fellow Americans to look at the meaning of the word Islam: submission to Allah (God). A religion that asks its followers to pray five times a day, to fast a month out of every year, to give money to the poor and to keep family a priority, cannot promote terrorism. It’s ludicrous. We are Americans just like everyone else. You shouldn’t rely on race or religion to determine how American you are."