Muslim Student Hopes Journalist Convert Will Counter Stereotypes in Speech

January 22, 2004

Source: icNorthernIreland

On January 22, 2004 icNorthernIreland reported, "A Muslim student who is regularly taunted in the street because of his religion is hoping to shatter negative images of Islam in Northern Ireland. Belfast student Mohammed Awawdeh says he often notices people's reactions harden when they are introduced to him because many associate Islam with terrorism. Now, in a one-man bid to turn the tide, the Islamic Student Association president has invited journalist Yvonne Ridley, who was captured by the Taleban in Afghanistan, to speak about her experiences...Yvonne is due to talk about her 10 days at the hands of her Taleban captors, and the perception of Islam portrayed by western media, on Monday at the Peter Froggatt Centre at Queen's at 5 p.m. The mother of one, who recently converted to Islam, was captured by the Taleban when she was working in Kabul as a reporter for the London-based Express newspaper."