Muslim Student Association: 'It's All Right to Ask Questions'

February 23, 2009

Author: Jessica Stephens

Source: The Vanguard

Hina Rasool wants you to know it's all right to ask questions.

The 22-year-old secretary for the University of South Alabama's Muslim Student Association doesn't mind if you ask her about her hijab, the scarf she wears to cover her hair, neck, ears and chest. She doesn't mind if you ask her about Islam, its doctrine or its customs.

She doesn't even mind if you ask questions that seem stupid, and neither do her friends.

"I've been asked, 'Do you wear that in the shower?'" Kiran Awan said, gesturing toward her hijab.

Aysha Rasool joined in, adding, "I've been asked if it's attached to my head."

All thre women are members of the University's Muslim Student Association, an organization that promotes awareness of both Islam and the people who practice it.

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