Muslim Social Scientists Call for Reform on Islam's Record on Human Rights

October 29, 2002

Source: The Washington Times

On October 29, 2002 The Washington Times reported that "several Muslim social scientists from U.S. universities urged their fellow believers at a weekend conference in Washington to reform Islam's record on human rights, violence and treatment of women before Muslims demand full acceptance by Americans. 'We have to develop a culture of human rights and civil rights,' Muqtedar Khan, chairman of international relations at Adrian College in Michigan, told the 31st annual conference of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists. 'Which means we have to speak out on violations of human rights in the Muslim world.' Many of his colleagues, however, remain less apologetic and decry not Muslim insensitivity to mainstream American culture, but the loss of Muslim civil rights in America after September 11 and what they call the injustices of the West."