Muslim Scholar Ramadan Reapplies for U.S. Visa

October 6, 2004


Wire Service: AP,0,7972865.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

On October 6, 2004 the Associated Press reported, "A leading Muslim scholar who was barred from the United States at the request of the Department of Homeland Security has reapplied for the right to work there, saying Wednesday he has always condemned terrorism.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Tariq Ramadan -- whose scholarship focuses on showing how Islamic values are compatible with those of secular European society -- denied he has ties to Islamic militants. He claimed he was singled out because he encourages Muslims to be outspoken about government policies they oppose.

Ramadan, a Swiss citizen, said he has received no explanation why his visa was revoked just days before he was due to start teaching at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Ind. on Aug. 24.

Ramadan said he lodged his request Monday with the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland."