Muslim Rap Combines Popular Music and Islamic Values

November 29, 2004

Source: Pittsburg Tribune Review

Wire Service: AP

On November 29, 2004 Pittsburg Tribune Review/AP reported, "when David Kelly -- aka 'Capital D' -- raps, he doesn't follow the mainstream mantra of women, cars and jewelry. Instead, the Chicago rapper uses his rhymes to dish out praise for Allah, criticize the war in Iraq and blast corporate America. Kelly is among a new group of Muslim rap artists gaining popularity among Muslim-Americans looking for entertainment that reflects both their mainstream tastes and religious beliefs. Islam is not new to rap. The Nation of Islam and other nontraditional sects such as the 'Five Percenters' have influenced hip-hop through lyrics and images since the late 1970s. And Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been mentioned and sampled in many raps. But this new wave of Muslim-influenced music seeks to convey messages and images more in line with orthodox Islam."