Muslim Police Officer Wins Discrimination Claim

June 30, 2009

Author: Francis Gibbs

Source: The Times Online

A Muslim police constable has won a religious discrimination claim against the West Midlands Police and the Police Authority after remarks made to him by colleages.

PC Tariq Dost, originally from Pakistan and now living in Birmingham, was working as a recruitment officer when his manager made discriminatory remarks, including asking why he did not shave off his long beard and why he wore his trousers tucked into his work boots.

The manager told colleagues: "I'm sorry but he looks like a terrorist" and pointed at him when looking at a picture of Osama bin Laden in a newspaper.

The manager, whose role also involved the promotion of the force's equality policies, had made derogatory remarks about his off-duty clothing - a traditional Islamic Thorb or Kafta - and asked him at a public event: "You're not going to start shouting and wailing, are you?" when it was Mr Dost's prayer time.

Dost made a formal complaint and the manager was found guilty of making inappropriate and offensive comments. But he was given only a final written warning for his conduct.