Muslim Officer Expresses Concerns Over New Profiling Procedures

August 15, 2006

Source: CNN

On August 15, 2006 CNN reported, "The British government is considering a system of passenger profiling that includes checks on travelers' ethnic or religious background, according to media reports.

The planned system of tougher airport checks would create a new offense of 'traveling whilst Asian,' according to one of Britain's most senior Muslim police officers.

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei said intelligence could be used to examine travel history, how a ticket is purchased and frequency of travel, but added: 'It becomes hugely problematic when it's based on ethnicity, religion and country of origin. I don't think there's a stereotypical image of a terrorist.'

The Times newspaper reports that officials at the Department for Transport are considering a system of passenger profiling that would select people behaving suspiciously, who have an unusual travel pattern or have a certain ethnic or religious background.

It comes after former Scotland Yard chief Lord Stevens said that airport chaos could be reduced by targeting passengers for more rigorous checks, with 'young Muslim men' a focus."