Muslim Neighbours Attend a Hindu Marriage Ceremony In Jammu And Kashmir

November 17, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Thaindian News

Hundreds of Muslims attended a Hindu marriage ceremony here on Monday.

Gatoo, the only Hindu Pundit family residing in the area dominated by Muslims, received a lot of help and support from the Muslim neighbours.

The Muslim neighbours also lent their hands at preparing the feast.

“I cannot express in words the kind of cooperation I received from Muslim brothers here. This has always been so although our tradition got interrupted because of some elements. But in us ‘Kashmiriyat’ (spirit of Kashmir) is still alive.” said S.K Handoo, Saran Gatoo’s brother in law.

Muslim neighbours said that they had convinced the Gatoo family not to migrate at a time, when a large number of Hindus began shifting to other locations.

“We are very happy, it is so great for Muslims and Hindu to be together. It is like the better times it is happening after twenty years. Saran Bhai (Brother) thought of migrating once but we dissuaded him, we told him we are always with him,” said Tabasum, a Muslim neighbour.

Gatoo expressed his delight over the support from the Muslim brethren.