Muslim MP Criticizes Efforts to Engage Muslims One Year After London Bombings

July 4, 2006

Source: BBC News

On July 4, 2006 BBC News reported, "Ministers are facing criticism over the response to the 7 July bombings from one of their most prominent Muslim MPs. In the week of the first anniversary of the attacks, Sadiq Khan says he is disappointed with efforts to engage with the Muslim community.

The MP for Tooting says there is an air of despondency over the achievements of the special taskforce set up by the government after the bombings.

But Local Government Minister Phil Woolas said good work was taking place.

Seven Muslim working groups were set up by the government and they reported in November.

But Mr Khan told a Fabian Society conference that only three of their recommendations had been implemented.

In his speech he said: 'What has happened to all the good ideas? Why hasn't an action plan been drawn up with timelines? There has been limited progress but there is an air of despondency. Only three recommendations have been implemented, and group members feel let down. I worry that the government might become the Duke of York - marching all these talented British Muslims up the hill of consultation and dialogue, only to march them down again as very little appears to have changed.'"