Muslim Leads Opening Prayer for 108th U.S. Congress

October 1, 2003

Source: Council on American-Islamic Relations

On October 1, 2003 Council on American-Islamic Relations released the text of the prayer offered that morning at the opening of the 108th Congress by Imam Qazwini, which read in part: "Glory be to Allah, the Lord of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. As we commence our legislative day in this 108th Congress, we ask You to bestow Your blessings upon us and help our legislators enact that which pleases you and ensures the interest of our people. Lend Your infinite wisdom to this congress, and allow them to embrace what is right, not what is popular. As our nation faces many challenges, we beseech Your guidance. And as we pursue those who intend harm to our country, let us seek justice rather than revenge. Guide our leaders to use the influence of their power as an instrument for the betterment of all humankind and peace throughout the world." CAIR's press release continued, "Following Imam Qazwini's prayer, Congressman John Dingell gave a statement in which he greeted Imam Qazwini and recognized him as becoming a leading voice for Muslims in America, recognized his efforts to promote Islam in America by helping to bridge the differences among the monotheistic faiths and dispelling prejudice."