Muslim Leaders Issue Fatwas Against Bombings

July 26, 2005

Source: U.S. News & World Report

On July 26, 2005 U.S. News & World Report reported, "Soon after the first round of terrorist attacks on the London transportation system, Prime Minister Tony Blair and other British leaders said they needed more than a military campaign and beefed-up security to defeat Islamic extremism. Blair invited Muslim leaders to 10 Downing Street and urged them to speak out against the radical Islamic ideology behind the attacks.

Several Islamic groups quickly did just that. They issued fatwas, or religious opinions, condemning the London attacks, with some going so far as to say that suicide bombing in general is against the teachings of Islam.

One such fatwa organized by the British Muslim Forum, was signed by more than 500 clerics and scholars representing about 300 mosques across the country. The fatwa was read outside the Houses of Parliament."