Muslim Leader Says Muslim Community Bears Some Responsibility for Not Tackling Islamist Elements

July 16, 2005

Source: BBC News

On July 16, 2005 BBC News reported, "Britain's top Muslims have branded the London suicide bombings 'utterly criminal, totally reprehensible, and absolutely un-Islamic.' A joint statement of condemnation came as 22 leaders and scholars met at the Islamic Cultural Centre, in London. But Britain's highest ranking Asian police officer, Tarique Ghaffur, says Muslims and their leaders must do more than just condemn the bombings... Earlier, the head of the Muslim Council of Britain said he wanted 'concrete steps' to make sure such atrocities were never repeated... Sir Iqbal said that steps had to be taken within the UK's Muslim community. He said: 'The community across the country condemns such activities but beyond that, what have we been doing?' His comments came as Met Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair met Muslim leaders and said police would work with the community."