Muslim High Schoolers in San Antonio Host Alternative Prom

June 4, 2006

Source: Express-News

On June 4, 2006 the Express-News reported, "South Asian Muslim traditions mingled with modern American culture at a gathering Friday night that was billed as a prom alternative for 13 Muslim high school graduates in San Antonio. In keeping with Muslim convention, traditional music from India and Pakistan and the smell of spicy chicken wafted through the air. The young women dressed in brightly colored salwar kameez and matching scarves, some bought especially for that night, and the young men wore button-down, solid-colored shirts and trousers. They mingled, but often separately, in accordance with their social code; their parents and family members did the same. Once during the night, they stopped to pray — first the men, then the women. There were no limos, no trendy tuxedos, no low-cut gowns, no fancy flowers and, certainly, no couples dancing to raucous music. In other ways, though, the banquet and ceremony honoring the graduates, attended by about 350, had its American touches, even its setting: a Knights of Columbus hall full of Catholic imagery but the beer tap was dry and the bar shut down. A slide show — set to American lullabies and rock songs — depicted the graduates as football players and wrestlers, riding bikes in their neighborhood and going on family ski vacations."