Muslim Health Clinic Goes Beyond Muslim Identity

May 6, 2010

Author: Natalie Moore

Source: Chicago Public Radio

There’s a growing number of Muslim-run free health clinics in the United States. And this includes at least two in Chicago. For the doctors, providing health services is not just about a Muslim identity or only helping Muslim patients. Yet the tenets of Islam do guide the physicians. 

The Inner-City Muslim Action Network runs a free medical clinic two days a week out of its storefront space on West 63rd Street. 

Adiba Khan is in charge. She says the clinic is based on the Islamic principles of zakat. 

KHAN: Zakat is we are obligated as Muslims to make some sort of contribution to mankind because it’s very easy to become a physician who takes care of daily, routine mundane things but you may not do things that are free…to selflessly give a part of yourself to a community. Not just your own immediate Muslim community but to give to a community that’s apart from your community. 

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