Muslim Girl Scouts

February 11, 2004

Source: Muslims Wake Up!

On February 11, 2004 Muslims Wake Up! reported, "Eight teenage girls sat, legs crossed under them, in a circle on a carpeted floor in a quiet room of the Muslim Youth Center in the south of Brooklyn. They talked about school and other things concerning teenaged girls. Almost all of them were old enough to wear a hijab, the traditional headscarf of their religion, and many did. That night, a Friday, they came for a lesson in American patriotism. For more than two hours, they listened, asked questions and read from a handout, titled, 'Evolution of the Stars and Stripes.' Led by their Girl Scout leader Stacey Salimah Bell, the girls learned how to properly handle, fly, fold and dispose of the American flag... The girls in her troop are Muslim, and many are the daughters of immigrants from the Middle East now living in New York City. Because of this and her own background, Bell has the opportunity to teach the art of navigating cultural differences."