Muslim Girl Recites Passages from Ramayana

July 18, 2006


On July 18, 2006 reported, "A nine-year old girl Thursday mesmerized listeners on the occasion of 193rd birth anniversary of renowned poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya by her recital of verses of epic Ramayana in proper tempo and rhythm. What amazed the listeners is that she is a Muslim girl. But Sanjita Iftekhar, a fourth grader at Bright Land Boarding School here in Kalaiya, not only received a big round of applause but also won everyone's heart at the end of a poem recitation competition, organized by the school on the day. 'It was an astonishing act in itself as a Muslim girl recited the verses of a holy book of another religion, that too in the exact rhythm and tempo,' said Roshanraj Aryal, who was also present during the program. 'At a time when some extremist groups have been creating disturbance over the secular state issue, Iftekhar's presentation is a great lesson of respect and religious tolerance,' said Kiran Acharya, the program coordinator and a teacher of the school."