Muslim Girl Fights Poverty

June 14, 2007

Author: Diane Haines

Source: The Herald News

Aseel Najib promotes religious understanding. That's one of the qualities that resulted in her being picked as one of 25 future world leaders.

It means she sends e-cards for Hanukkah to her Jewish friends and gets remembrances from them during Ramadan.

Unusual? No, that's what Youth for Charity is all about. It teaches mutual understanding among young women of different ethnic backgrounds while at the same time working to end poverty and homelessness.

Youth for Charity, based in North Bergen, is just one of the charitable pursuits that figure into Najib's crowded schedule.

"It's so important for people of different religions to reach out and build bridges, not burn them. When you work together good comes out of it," says Najib, 17, of Clifton about her community outreach involvement.