Muslim Film Festival Comes to Fremont

June 4, 2006

Source: Tri-Valley Herald

On June 4, 2006 the Tri-Valley Herald reported, "Muslim snowboarders, gender divisions at mosques, praying etiquette at American restaurants, and a hajj pilgrimage are some of the themes to be showcased at this years Muslim Film Festival, an all-day event that comes to Naz 8 Cinema in Fremont on July 29. By basing the festival in Fremont, Juveria Aleem, a Concord resident in her early 30s and the main organizer of the festival, said she hopes to reach the local Muslim community and reach out to friends of other faiths. 'We've got a lot of great films,' Aleem said. 'Now we need large numbers of people to come out.' Aleem conceived of the film festival in 1998, while learning filmmaking at University of California, Berkeley, where she produced a 20-minute documentary on why Muslim women wear the hijab, the traditional Islamic head scarf."

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